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About Us

Titan Elite Training

We are a sports performance training facility in Berlin, MD. We are all about coaching our athletes to compete at their highest level.  We bring years of hands on experience in coaching young athletes on the Eastern Shore to reach their performance goals. 

Our Director of Sports Performance is Coach Matt McGowan.  Coach Matt is a familiar face to our athletes.  He has been coaching our athletes and running our operations in Berlin for the last three years.  He is an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated coach.  He currently holds a NASM- PES certification, a Degree in Exercise Science from Salisbury University, and is CPR/AED Certified.


We run full speed and agility classes and athletic strength classes every week.  Through our resistance and overspeed training methods we help our athletes sharpen their athletic ability in their sport.  We do full Speed and Strength pre training tests and post training tests to show our athletes how they are progressing through their training, and what aspects of their training they need to focus on.  Our Titan Elite classes are for advanced middle school age athletes up to college age athletes.  Our youth class is for our beginner and younger athletes.