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Titan Elite Training Facility

2,000 Sq Ft Turf Training Room

We have a fully private large turf room for all our Speed/Agility and Strength Classes.  This is where athletes will spend the their training sessions.

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Class Sizes

We only offer small group classes that will never have more than 10 athletes.  This allows us to focus on the athletes form and mchanics.  We want our athletes to stay in that competitive mindset during training.  This will allow them to transition easier from training into game situations.


Strength Equipment

We train with top of the line equipment.  We are always examining and adapting to the needs of our athletes.  We have a wide array of strength equipment located in Titan Fitness.  We use the auxiliary lifting area and our athletes have exclusive access to that equipment during their class time.

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Facility: Services
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Facility: Services
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